Streamline your hotel operations by fixing your integrations


The hconnect Integration Toolkit provides tools to better leverage your hospitality technology investment



Take Control

Seamless Connectors

Enable simple connectors between two of your systems.

Process Automation

Use our Process Automation tool to streamline operations. Take manual tasks and automate them through our drag and drop process editor

Partner On Boarding

Route vendor integration through the hconnect platform to ensure security, visibility and control

Universal API

Leverage your existing investments and wrap your systems into an accessible API

System Migrations

Move your data between systems without downtime. More than just profiles and reservations

Data Archiving

Securely archive your old PMS data and remove that old server for good.

Data Security


we do not store your guest data… not even in our logs



the hconnect advantage

Multiple Domain Support


More than just PMS

Integrate all your hospitality systems



the hconnect advantage

Operator Focussed


You are in control of your integrations to your systems



the hconnect advantage

Global Scalabe Architecture


Deploy integration closer to home with the power and security of Amazon Web Services



the hconnect advantage

Our Team


We employ the most experienced and certified hospitality technologists in the industry



the hconnect advantage

We work with the industries leading partners

Take control of your integration

Schedule a chat with our team now to start to take control so you can focus on more important tasks

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