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Point to Point Connections Utilise pre built connectors to key hospitality and enterprise systems 3 per hotel
Drag and Drop Process Automation Tool Create automated processes integrating your systems with our drag and drop process tool
Universal REST API Wrap your hospitality systems under a single API endpoint
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Connection to On Premise Systems Still running On Prem PMS and databases. No problem.
Custom Connectors Custom connectors can be built to integrate any system you run Add On Add On Add On
Event Triggers Messages are processed when posted or uploaded to hconnect
Scheduled Triggers hconnect intiates the process at a defined interval
Scheduler Interval Once Daily Every 30 Mins Every 5 Mins
Account Management
User Management Manage the users in the team that will access hconnect
Single User
Single Sign On with Multi Factor Authentication Link your Active Directory or other SSO authority to manage user access
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Multi Hotel Support Create processes and connectors at a hotel or chain level
Shared Processes Create processes and integrations once and deploy to all hotels in your group
Encrypted Messaging Your data is encrypted at all times using multiple layers of 256bit encryption
Private Key Management As extra security, add your own private key for another layer of encryption
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API Authentication and Throttling Manage API throughput to your underlying systems
IP/Geo Restrictions Control which IP addresses can send or receive data for your integrations
Integration Restrict De-activate an integration or vendor from our platform to instantly protect your data
Connector Deployment Connectors can be deployed anywhere within our global infrastructure Allocated Region Choice of any Region Choice of any Region
Dedicated Instance Flexible deployment options to suit your requirements Shared Instance Add On
Self Hosted Embed our processing logic within your AWS environment so your data never leaves your network
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Support Methods Different levels of help when you need it Ticket Ticket, Chat Dedicated Support Resource

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